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02. -  05. 08. 2018

Waldbredimus Classics 2018 and National Championships of Luxembourg

Mister Top des Fusains 2 rankings in Young Horses competition with Fabrice

Dullahan des Fusains  with Fabrice and Tino des Fusains with Paloma Milan  in Young Riders Championship M** level:

Paloma 5th and Fabrice 6th place in final ranking

Lutine des Fusains with Luana in A* and A**

Victor Bettendorf National Champion of Senior Elite Riders

photos by Emile Mentz and Klaus Morheng




 CSI Samorin  second week

Mister Tac des Fusains winner of the final round of the 6 year old horses with Victor Bettendorf

17 - 19. 07. 2018   CSI*** Samorin/Bratislava

Mister Tac des Fusains double clear in Young Horses with Victor Bettendorf

3rd place in final youngster round

11 - 15. 07. 2018  Jumping Weiswampach

Mister Tac des Fusains clear in M Young Horses with Victor

Mister Top des Fusains good results in A and L  Young Horses with Fabrice

Lutine des Fusains wins an A** class with Fabrice and clear with Luana in A*

Dullahan des Fusains in his first M** and S class jumped very well with Fabrice



24. Juni 2018   Roost

Mister Top des Fusains

clear and placed in A** Young Horses on saturday 

ranking in A ** on sunday







14. - 17. 06. 2018 CSI** Roeser Luxemburg




Dullahan des Fusains with Fabrice Meyers jumped well in the middle tour

(1,25 -1,35 m )


Tino des Fusains ranking in accumulator 1,30 m

with Paloma Milan


photos by one shot and Emile Mentz




Mister Tac des Fusains  ( BWP by Nonstop x Tactique des Fusains by Toulon ) and Victor Bettendorf triple winners of the CSI 6 year old Young Horse competition over 1,30 m !



7 - 10. 06. 2018

CSI*/CSI*** Roeser

Dullahan des Fusains with Fabrice  in 1,25 m tour





Tactique des Fusains, dam of Dullahan and Mister Tac,

in the field while her sons compete on CSI Roeser



2. Juni 2018

Springturnier Roost

Mister Top des Fusains fehlerfrei plaziert in Springpferdepr. A



25 - 27. mai 2018

CSI Reims

Mister Tac des Fusains 3 fois sans faute et classé en épreuves 1,25 - 1,30 m avec Victor Bettendorf




Dullahan des Fusains 2 Plazierungen Concours RUST Sanem Château




05 - 06 mai 2018

CEL Masters Roeser


Tout Seul and Dullahan clear and placed in M on saturday with Fabrice


Sunday: 4 horses of our Elfi family clear in M: Mister Tac with Victor, Tino with Paloma, Dullahan and Tout Seul with Fabrice


Mister Top clear in YH-A with Fabrice





27 - 29. 04. 2018

Turnier  Wittlich


Mister Top, Dullahan und Tout Seul mit Fabrice Meyers

Tout Seul 2 M-Springen fehlerfrei

Mister Tac mit Victor Bettendorf 8,1 Springpferdepr. M

Tino mit Paloma Milan




Naissance de pouliche Serenade des Fusains

Mère: Variété des Fusains

Père: Nixon van,t Meulenhof

13 - 15. 04 2018 CEL Masters in Roeser

Dullahan des Fusains clear in L and 2 x in M with Fabrice

Tout Seul des Fusains clear and placed in L with Fabrice

Tino des Fusains clear in L and M with Paloma Milan

Lutine des Fusains ranking in A with Luana Paulus




Dullahan des Fusains with Fabrice clear in L and M* in Roost

Mister Tac des Fusains with Victor clear in YH final 1,30 m in Z-Tour Lanaken

Tino des Fusains clear in 1,25 tour with Paloma Milan on CSI Lanaken

30.03. - 02.04.2018   Z-Tour Lanaken CSI

First international competition for Mister Tac des Fusains with Victor Bettendorf in the CSIYH for 6 year old horses:

 Ranking in the 1,20 m class

Victor and Mister Tac winners of the final 1,30 m class !






Breeding foals and rising them up to sport horses is an amazing job

Getting them successful later is a kind reward

 Mister Tac and Mister Top




Mister Top des Fusains (Toulon x Victoire v. Darco-Lys de Darmen) wins the Young Horses class A* on his first start in competition in Beckingen-Margarethenhof with Fabrice Meyers


12.03. and 18.03. 2018

Weitere gute Resultate in Springpferdeprüfungen L und M für Victor Bettendorf mit Mister Tac des Fusains in Saarlouis

(Sprpf.M Wertnote 8,3) und Neunkirchen-Furpark

Tino des Fusains fehlerfrei mit Paloma Milan in Spr. L Neunkirchen



25.02.2018   Indoor Neunkirchen-Furpark

3 horses born at Fusains Stables were on the start:

Lutine  (Lucky Loke R x Tactique des Fusains) clear in A* with Luana Paulus

Tino (Think Big x Bonita des Fusains) clear in L  with his new owner Paloma Milan on their first competition

Mister Tac (Nonstop x Tactique des Fusains) clear and placed in L Young Horses with Victor Bettendorf on their first competition





Dullahan des Fusains

Dutch Capitol x Tactique des Fusains v. Toulon x Elfi



Review and Impressions of 2017

Special thanks to those who contributed to the work with the horses of our stable:

Fabrice Meyers, Patricia Meyers-Fortin, Jos and Léonie Meyers-Noesges, Wim Vissers, Peter Kuchar, Victor Bettendorf, Luana Paulus, François Delvaux, Gaston Max, T&L Sporthengsten

and to our sponsor De Verband



26 November 2017

Mares and foals back for their winter quarters



25 November 2017

Mister Tac des Fusains

Welkenraedt 1,20 m


Mister Tac des Fusains  Opglabeek

November 2017

The foals 2017 of Ecurie des Fusains

Run on Top and Raihanna




28 - 10.2017

Dullahan des Fusains 2 rankings

on Waldbredimus Indoor 1,20 m