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18-20. 04.2019

Z-Tour Lanaken  CSI***

Victor Bettendorf with Mister Tac des Fusains clear in 1,30m, one fault in 1,40m and third place in 1,35m


05 -07. avril 2019

CSI Gorla Minore

Victor and Mister Tac des Fusains in the 7year old tour

second place on first day, winners of the second day, one fault in the final



Pouliche nouveau-né de Kesha des Fusains

Thaisha des Fusains: Arezzo VDL  x  Kesha des Fusains




CSI Gorla Minore/Milano

Third place for Victor Bettendorf with Mister Tac des Fusains in 7year old competition





Turnier Roost

Mister Top des Fusains (A**) und Bellevue (L) fehlerfrei mit Fabrice zum Auftakt der Saison beim Indoorturnier Roost




Thaline des Fusains


Amadeo van't Vossenhof  x  Topline des Fusains


Poulain nouveau-né de Topline des Fusains

Topline des Fusains met au monde une pouliche par Amadeo van't Vossenhof



15. - 17. 02. 2019

Holstenhalle  Neumünster  CSI***

Victor Bettendorf and Mister Tac des Fusains have 3 rankings in the Youngster Classes for 7 and 8 year old horses

Marvellous clear-round in their first 1,40 tour, best time in the final with only one fault in the 2nd phase

08 - 10. 02. 2019   CSI Azelhof Lier

Mister Tac des Fusains with Victor Bettendorf has 3 rankings in the rounds over 1,30-1,35m for 7 year old horses: winner first day, 5th place on 2nd day and second place in the jump-off of the final round



The broodmares and foals of Fusains Stables are all tested non-carriers (genotype N/N ) for WFFS (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome ). Certifications by Laboklin Germany are available.

Die Zuchtpferde und Fohlen vom Stall des Fusains sind alle negatif getestet (Genotyp N/N ) auf das WFFS Syndrom.

Tous les chevaux d'élevage de l'Ecurie des Fusains sont ä ce jour testés négatifs (génotype N/N) pour le syndrôme WFFS.


17. - 19. 01.2019

CSI** Peelbergen

Mister Tac des Fusains best 7 year old horse with Victor Bettendorf

2 first and one second place in the 1,30m-1,35m rounds for 7 year old horses !

all the videos of the 3 rounds under Video Galleries


Mister Tac des Fusains gagne 2 tours et se classe une fois 2ème dans les épreuves YH de 7 ans avec Victor!

10 -13. 01. 2019

CSI Opglabbeek

Mister Tac des Fusains double clear in the 1,30m tours for 7 years old horses with Victor

In the final 1,35m round they have 1 fault on the last fence


 Impressions of Ecurie des Fusains 2018


CSI YH Sentower Park Opglabbeek

Victor wins the Opening Competition Young Horses 1,25m with Mister Tac des Fusains

In the final round he places 8th in the jump-off