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Upline des Fusains ( Grandorado tn x Topline des Fusains ) arrived at his new owner in Roussy-le-Village in France



  Around stable 2020 - Outdoor season

26.-27.09.2020   Roeser

Dullahan, Mister Top, Bellevue

Fotos by Klaus Morheng

13.09.2020 Turnier Weiswampach

Bellevue plaziert in M* mit Fabrice


4 - 6 septembre 2020

Concours Bouferterhaff


Fabrice gagne une épreuve L 2 phases avec Bellevue


Dullahan en M* et M**

Mister Top en L


22 -23 August 2020    Turnier CRL Roost

Fabrice with Mister Top des Fusains in L, Bellevue 2 rankings in L, Dullahan des Fusains ranking in M

Some pictures by Tania W-L Photography

Mister Top des Fusains and Bellevue

08 - 09. August 2020

Nationales Springturnier CRL Roost

Fabrice mit Dullahan, Bellevue und Mister Top am Start

Dullahan des Fusains plaziert in L-Springen 2 phases

May 2020

Yearlings and Foals


Newborn foal : Usha Boy des Fusains by Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve x Kesha des Fusains






We are happy to announce that Upline des  Fusains, foal by Topline des Fusains, is sold to Manon Schartz - Philippi


He's a future prospect for talented Junior rider Yola Schartz



Newborn foal : Upline des Fusains by Grandorado tn x Topline des Fusains





3 year old mare Run on Top des Fusains ( Dieu Merci van T&L x Victoire v. Darco x Lys de Darmen ) is sold to Sarah Rego